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Timoci Uluivunda Bavadra (1934-1989)

Timoci Uluivuda Bavadra of Viseisei, Vuda, was the traditional head of i tokatoka Werecakaca from the chiefly yavusa (clan) if Sabutoyatoya, Vuda. He is survived by his widow, Adi Kuni Vuikaba; children Jona Tavai, Lusiana Ratu, Unisi Telei, Ilaisa Veidreyaki, Turuva Vatilai, Makereta Naio, Joana Waranasau, Tupou Draunidalo, Sireli Draunidalo, Apolosi Ranawai, Timoci Uluivuda, Kelera Natoba, Jona Yabayaba; and Akisi Adivulo and Sera Ranawai.

Education and medical career

September 22, 1934 Born at Namoi, Lautoka
1941 - 1948 Primary education
1949 - 1954 Secondary education at Queen Victoria School
1955 - 1960 Medical education at the Fiji School of Medicine, Suva, followed by a year of internship at the Lautoka Hospital
1961 - October 1976  Field service medical in Serua, Lautoka, Vatukoula, Lakeba (Lau) and Rewa
1966 - 1968 Overseas medical services secondment in British Solomon Islands Protectorate
1969 Diploma in Public Health, University of Otago, New Zealand
1972 - 1984 Author of numerous research papers on subjects including family planning and maternal mortality
1975 - 1985 Executive Member of the Fiji Medical Association
1976 - 1980 Family Health Officer, Ministry of Health Suva
1981 - 1985 Assistant Director of Primary and Preventive Health
1981 - 1985 Chairman, Fiji National Food and Nutrition Committee

Trade Union and Political Career

1978 - 1985 President of the Fiji Public Servants Association (PFSA)
July, 1985 Elected President of the newly formed Fiji Labour Party. Retired from Fiji Public Service in order to take this position.
November 28, 1986 Appointed Leader of the Labour Party and National Federation Party Coalition
April 13, 1978 Sworn in as Prime Minister of Fiji and Minister responsible for Public Service, Fijian Affairs following an historic victory at the 1987 general elections.
May 14, 1987 Deposed as Prime Minister by the Royal Fiji Military Forces. Incarcerated along with members of his government for 7 days. Release after Parliament is unlikely dissolved by the Governor General, Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau. A Council of Advisors, whose members are almost exclusively Alliance or Taukei Movement members or supporters is appointed by the Governor General.
June 1987 The struggle for the restoration of democracy in Fiji begins with a delegation to London. Discussions are held with Sir William Heseltine, the Queen's Private Secretary, and the Commonwealth Secretary General, Sir Shirdath Ramphal. The visit is followed over the course of the next two years by meetings with heads of governments, trade unions, and political leaders from countries as far flung as Australia, New Zealand, India, the United States, Canada, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia. The meetings are aimed at seeking support for the restoration of constitutional government and democracy.
September 1987 Bavadra leads a delegation of his deposed colleagues in discussions with the defeated Alliance Party headed by Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara. A political solution is found in the Deuba Accord. Signed on September 23, 1987, it is based on an agreement between the deposed government and the Alliance to share power.
September 25 1987 A second military coup takes place. Bavadra along with many of his colleagues and sympathisers are again arrested and held in detention at the Naboro Prison about 30 kilometres from Suva.
March 23 1988 Bavadra is elected the founding President of the South Pacific Progressive Parties Association, a Pacific-wide body of progressive movements.
March, 1988 Bavadra is required to undergo medical treatment
including an operation on his back in Auckland, New Zealand. Cancer is diagnosed.
September - October 1989  Further medical treatment including surgery is required
Confined to a wheel chair, he returns home to Fiji on October 31, 1989, pleading to continue the struggle.
November 3 - 8, 1989 Bavadra dies suddenly on November 3, and funeral five days later is attended by some 60,000 people. 
On November 8, a country-wide closure of schools, commercial and other activities occurs spontaneously as a mark of respect. The late Prime Minister is laid to rest in the chiefly burial ground in the centre of his home village of Viseisei.

Sporting Achievements

Bavadra was keen sportsman and he excelled in rugby, cricket and athletics. He was a sprint champion at secondary and medical schools; a rugby trialist for an Australian tour in 1961; and as an accomplished cricketer, was a member of the Fiji Cricket Association Executive. He also played competitive tennis and golf.

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