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Policies on Economic Development

Vigorous economic growth is necessary for the delivery of improved social and economic benefit of the people.

The package of economic reforms development by the Fiji Labour Party will create a stable environment for investment and economic growth. We will take urgent steps to create much-needed confidence in the business community by initiating measures to facilities investment

We believe that the real potential for sustained economic growth lies in the orderly development of all the key sectors of our economy: agriculture, fisheries and forests, tourism, the construction industry, manufacturing, and the retail and services sectors.

The Fiji Labour Party will ensure that investment capital and other inputs are made available to entrepreneurs at reasonable cost.

The Fiji Labour Party will re-examine the role of the Fiji Development Bank to ensure there is greater focus on assisting industrial and commercial development.

The Fiji Labour Party will establish a separate bank to service the needs of the farming community; this bank will be responsible for providing finance on reasonable terms to stimulate agricultural development.

The Fiji Labour Party will take steps to ensure that the banking and insurance sector make their fair contribution to Fiji's economic growth.

The Fiji Labour Party will ensure that the cost of public utilities (electricity, water and telecommunications) is kept at affordable levels to help reduce the fixed costs of doing business.

The Fiji Labour Party will encourage and assist small and medium sized businesses.

Work for all

The Fiji Labour Party believes that the right to work is a basic human right and that the most important resource of any country are its people. The current high national unemployment rate of around 15% (40% for youths between 18-25) is the sad legacy that is continuing and is bound to further escalate in post-coup Fiji. It has resulted in social dislocation, an alarming increase in the crime rate and high levels of tension and frustration in our society.

Job creation is a top priority with the Fiji Labour Party.

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