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During the year, FLP parliamentarians filed the following adjournment/substantive motions.


Substantive Motions Mover


Government to take immediate steps to review the Land Transport Act (Act No. 35 of 1998) 


Gyan Singh
In view of pressing situation created by the illegal actions of some landowners in blocking a government road to Nabitu on the east bank Sigatoka River, this House calls on the government to immediately address this issue, given the fact that firstly the actions of landowners are illegal and secondly this blockade severely affects and discriminate adversely on the lives of the people, of the said Nabitu settlement.


Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi
The Government urgently implements policy measures to ensure that the state provides for fully equipped facilities and manpower for search and rescue operations in view of several incidences that have occur in Fiji Waters in the past and to avoid any future mishaps such as the recent incident of National Rugby Hero, the late Mr Aminiasi Naituiyaga.


 Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi
In view of massive public outcry this House calls on the Government to urgently attend to the immediate needs in the area of health services nationwide, particularly in the areas of:(i) Outpatients services/hospital services,(ii) Peripheral facilities,(iii) Lack of essential drug supplies; and(iv) General deteriorating state of facilities at major hospitals."


Dr Gunasagaran Gounder
In view of several recent public disclosures, including the special report of the Auditor General, this house calls for an independent Judiciary inquiry to :Investigate misuse and abuse of public funds under the Agricultural Assistance Scheme (Affirmative Action)


Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi
Adjournment Motions


An urgent adjournment motion on road block on Nabitu


Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi
Concern over wholesale fee charges by Sigatoka Town Council on vegetable and root-crop sellers at Sigatoka Municipal Market, concern over frequent water disruption in town and peri-urban areas of Sigatoka, cane transport related problems suffered by the sugar cane farmers in Sigatoka district 


Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi
"That this House notes with grave concern the rising incidence of criminal activity, particularly violent crimes, lawlessness and Government's apparent inability to address this important social problem. This House therefore proposes:(i) That an independent judicial inquiry be appointed to ascertain the root cause of the poor performance of the Fiji Police Force. Such inquiry to also ascertain the performance of all officers in the force including the Commissioner of Police;(ii) That the Inquiry consider the desirability of the appointment of an expatriate Commissioner of Police and other senior expatriate officers to assist in the restructure, training and improving the efficiency of the Police Force.(iii) That the report of the Inquiry be submitted to this Honourable House within 3 months of its appointment."


Gaffar Ahmad
An independent judicial inquiry be appointed to ascertain the root cause of the poor performance of the Fiji Police Force; the report of the Inquiry be submitted to this Honourable House within 3 months of its appointment.  Gaffar Ahmad
Expressing concern at the continuing severe problem of water supply in the greater Nasinu area particularly Tacirua - Tovata, Dobuilevu Housing and Wainibuka. The House calls upon the Minister for Works, Telecommunications, Energy, Road Transport and Shipping to take urgent steps to overcome the problem of water supply in these heavily populated areas.


 Pratap Chand
Expressing concerns of charges being levied by banks on customer services and the imposition of a $10.00 fee being charged by the ANZ Bank to cash Credit Union cheques. Pratap Chand



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