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FLP Constitution
Manifesto 2001
Econ. Development

Mission Statement
Founding Principles
Party Manifesto
Policies on Economic Development

Mission Statement

Together we will make Fiji a country and a society that will:

bulletAssure everyone of their future security and rights as people of one nation.
bulletRemove all vestiges of discrimination based on race, religion, colour or creed.
bulletCreate new prosperity through prudent and sustainable use of Fiji's human and natural resources.
bulletGive young people hope for the future through increased employment opportunities.
bulletProvide a decent standard of living for all our people.
bulletActively promote measures aimed at gender equality.
bulletEnsure the provision of adequate health, education and welfare services.
bulletProtect the disadvantaged and the needy.
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Founding Principles of the Fiji Labour Party

bulletRecognition and protection of fundamental political and civil rights, including free and democratic elections, freedom of expression, freedom of the individual and a just legal system.
bulletElimination of discrimination and exploitation on the grounds of class, race, sex, religion, political affiliation and age.
bulletAbolition of poverty and the achievement of an equitable distribution of income, wealth and opportunities.
bulletFostering of a national identity for our people.
bulletProper management of Fiji's resources, and protection of the environment.
bulletRedistribution of political and economic power so that all members of society have the opportunity to participate in institutions and the processes which determine their lives.
bulletPromotion of the democratic socialisation of industry, production, distribution and exchange in order to eliminate anti-social exploitative practices.
bulletMaintenance and creation of and support or a competitive non-monopolistic private sector with particular emphasis on small-scale business, farming and co-operatives, controlled and owned by the people of Fiji, and operating within clear social guidelines and objectives.
bulletRecognition and encouragement of the right of labour to organise for the protection and advancement of its objectives.
bulletApplication of industrial democracy to increase opportunities for people to work in satisfying, healthy and humane conditions and to participate in and increase their control over, the decision making processes affecting them.
bulletProvision and maintenance of full and meaningful employment.

It is necessary to remind ourselves from time to time that the party should continue work towards achieving the principles on, which it is founded.

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